Bound napowrimo #4

A textured sentiment,

rough and grainy,

scraping the surface –

ever tender, ever raw.

His gentlest touch

salt in the wounds –


His whispers

cloying and whiskey sweet.

The room

a woolen wrapping.

Shackled in glowing gold,


I lay

drowning in obscurity.


About shannadodd

I'm a writer and a collector of words. I also tend to collect homeless critters. Currently, in addition to blogs, poems and books, I'm writing my second novel and beginning a graphic design business. When I'm not writing, I'm reading or cleaning or feeding someone. I hope you enjoy my poetry. I try, with my poems, to create pictures with words. I consider it art but not with my chin thrust out or my nose pointing skyward, it's art in the sense that like the painter or photographer I want to capture a moment or event or question. If I do that for you, I've succeeded. Thank you for reading and for your comments. It's means so much to me that folks are reading my poems.
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3 Responses to Bound napowrimo #4

  1. Mab Jones says:

    Really like this, esp “shackled in glowing gold”. Great imagery!

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  3. Jingle says:

    love this…
    a brilliant piece …

    please vote for fellow poets, you are nominated, you win one vote automatically, if you vote for fellow poets., you will win another vote for yourself, and win at least excellent award….

    keep it up.
    Bless your talent.


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