As I drive
in the secular silence
Fresh night
pale yellow
in the light
Words of ages
still cling to me
So that this life
seems surreal

Gravel crunching
beneath the weight
Slowly stop
on the cusp
Window lowered
close my eyes
Breathing deep
and am at once
by familiar smells
foreign to my present mind

Eyes break wide
a sudden knowing occurs

Car door opens
Annoyed buzz
burst of light
push, click
step out

Book in hand
I turn
and walk
gravel to grass
grass to field
and stop

on the edge
of an ancient darkness

I look back
at the distance I’ve come
Burdens fall
with muted thuds
I slip into the forest
a thing apart
a being connected.


About shannadodd

I'm a writer and a collector of words. I also tend to collect homeless critters. Currently, in addition to blogs, poems and books, I'm writing my second novel and beginning a graphic design business. When I'm not writing, I'm reading or cleaning or feeding someone. I hope you enjoy my poetry. I try, with my poems, to create pictures with words. I consider it art but not with my chin thrust out or my nose pointing skyward, it's art in the sense that like the painter or photographer I want to capture a moment or event or question. If I do that for you, I've succeeded. Thank you for reading and for your comments. It's means so much to me that folks are reading my poems.
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8 Responses to Revelation

  1. Beautiful, amazing imagery

  2. shannadodd says:

    Thank you. It’s still amazing to me that others like my poetry. Thank you so much for reading it and for your input. It means so much to me.

  3. Grå Sky says:

    This is beautiful. Gripping and immersive.

  4. William Leed says:

    Nice posting. Reflection leads to that ever needed desire for placement.
    Mental or physical.
    -William Leed-

  5. Jingle says:

    fantastic, thanks for joining poets rally.

    have fun, let us know after you are done 18 comments…

    bless your Monday.

  6. dsnake1 says:

    love the imagery here, the visuals & the sounds. yes, sounds. (gravel crunching, car door opens, clicks, silence..). as if i am plunging into a mystery.

    enjoyed the read, thanks! 🙂

  7. Very good use of visual and auditory imagery. I enjoyed reading this piece. Beautifully written 🙂

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