The Object

The object
blank, waiting
an inanimatency
alive in its constancy
A sorrowful joy
Little birth
bloody and raw and loud
Little death
somber and clean and,
quite suddenly, quiet
sparkling with disuse
cluttered with frustration
A kaleidoscopic soul
turning ever inward
spiraling out
in sublime exposure

About shannadodd

I'm a writer and a collector of words. I also tend to collect homeless critters. Currently, in addition to blogs, poems and books, I'm writing my second novel and beginning a graphic design business. When I'm not writing, I'm reading or cleaning or feeding someone. I hope you enjoy my poetry. I try, with my poems, to create pictures with words. I consider it art but not with my chin thrust out or my nose pointing skyward, it's art in the sense that like the painter or photographer I want to capture a moment or event or question. If I do that for you, I've succeeded. Thank you for reading and for your comments. It's means so much to me that folks are reading my poems.
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10 Responses to The Object

  1. Yes this can happen with our soul as it turns inward this is a wonderful closing on this poem so well done

  2. Morning says:

    love it.

    fun word flow…

  3. Shanna: I’m going to tell you straight: I read this five or six times, and though I find it beautiful, I’m struggling to see what it is you are describing. I hope I don’t offend you by saying so! I seldom check the follow up comments box, but I’m going to on this one, in hopes you will tell me more about this poem.

    • shannadodd says:

      It’s a poem about the writing experience. The blank computer screen or blank page. The introspection of the writer. I can go line by line if you’d like. I prefer to think of poetry and all literature as a fluid art form. What’s it means for the writer is not necessarily what it means for the reader. I don’t believe in absolutes especially in poetry because it defeats the whole purpose. In the majority of my poems I try to visualize the emotion or state of being and describe that visualization. I am honored that you chose to read the poem and express such interest. I hope that you will see some thing in yourself in the poem so that it has a unique meaning for you. Thank you.

      • DOH! Makes perfect sense now that you explain it. Forgive me for having a dense moment! It’s even better now that my eyes are open! Nice one!
        Thanks for answering my question.

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