As I drive
in the secular silence
Fresh night
pale yellow
in the light
Words of ages
still cling to me
So that this life
seems surreal

Gravel crunching
beneath the weight
Slowly stop
on the cusp
Window lowered
close my eyes
Breathing deep
and am at once
by familiar smells
foreign to my present mind

Eyes break wide
a sudden knowing occurs

Car door opens
Annoyed buzz
burst of light
push, click
step out

Book in hand
I turn
and walk
gravel to grass
grass to field
and stop

on the edge
of an ancient darkness

I look back
at the distance I’ve come
Burdens fall
with muted thuds
I slip into the forest
a thing apart
a being connected.

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Serenity Breaks entry for Promising Poets, Week #41 and napowrimo #5

Taste of green

on my tongue.

Scent of rain

on my skin.

Bursts of wind

through my hair.

Bouquets of leaves

on the rattling limbs.

The sky above

a clean and watered blue.

Fresh and crisp.

Snapping linen on the line.

Monarchs grace

their petaled thrones.

Melodies perch

on a rusted fence.

Jewels dance

on tautened strings.

Laughter lights

the scattered grasses.

Beyond the trees

sits the jaundiced beast.

Eyes glinting

and a silvered grin.

Serenity breaks.

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Bound napowrimo #4

A textured sentiment,

rough and grainy,

scraping the surface –

ever tender, ever raw.

His gentlest touch

salt in the wounds –


His whispers

cloying and whiskey sweet.

The room

a woolen wrapping.

Shackled in glowing gold,


I lay

drowning in obscurity.

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napowrimo #3 (nameless)

dwelled within

a frightened fragile discipline

the mirrored twin

its sultry smile

touch and touch

and pull away

such dirty shocking games you play


she screams

high and sweet

in her mirrored haunting dreams

desperate shelter

jealous care

lock the door

hold her there

anger’s seed brought beauty’s kiss

roused her to the catalyst

and when betrayal found a muse

feathers fell

of black and blue

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There are moments

when lost in laughter’s memories

the tears come.

A prickling, stinging, stabbing, burning


and quickly

I turn away.


by the sunlight.


into the dampened shadows.


tween the black-green, glossy leaves.

a sudden furtive thing.

eyes wide and white-shined



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Absence of wishes


across the night,

a ghost pink stain.

The stars have fled

in fear or shame.

And in this crowded emptiness

we share our vacant loneliness

at a distance.

Smoke our pipes,

raise our glasses,

fill the bars,

fill the churches,

waste our lives

in ever dwindling boxes,

till the dirt falls in.

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